The therapists at Gabinetes de Terapias Manuais in Olhão have a history of their lives linked to sport and physical activity. Having worked with athletes from sports teams in the region and athletes competing at the Olympic level, developing a reputation for providing the highest standards of physiotherapy and osteopathy.

In this office, they welcome patients with all types of aspirations, from recovery from injury, seeking well-being or even the high competition athlete looking for an increase in performance and a faster recovery.


The Office is located on a street perpendicular to one of the main streets of the city (Rua Almirante Reis) and close to the riverside area of Olhão.

This is the cozy and very private space that we invite you to visit.

“A few years ago I got an injury that prevented me from running and even walking. All it took was one session and two days later I was running without pain. Since then, I have not been able to dispense with the services that allow me to enjoy an active lifestyle and without having to worry about injuries.”

Rute Candeias

“A summer… It’s been many, many years I asked the physical therapist to provide me with one. SOS number in the Algarve in case something happened to my mother during the holidays and I even had to use that number. My mother left there transformed, relieved, serene and told me: you have to book it for yourself because of your spine. And so I did…
We started to score both… I gained in quality of life, I felt myself being reborn as I seriously thought about getting into a wheelchair for good, I started to gain confidence, it gave me serenity, I believed that one day I would walk again without limping, running without physical limitations. The best testimony I can give is that several times I traveled more than 650km to be treated, we never consulted another osteopath again. For me he is the best, I trust him 100%. I usually say jokingly that this gentleman should receive the Oscar for Health and Well-being.. Thank you for everything Dr!!”

Ana Vieira


Ana Carla Favinha


  • Degree in Physiotherapy from the Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão (2003)
  • Training in KinesioTaping® – Neuromuscular Bands (João Vasconcelos)
  • Post-Graduation in Physiotherapy in Sport by the Gimbernat Barcelona School
  • Training in Myotensive and Manipulative Techniques of the Spine and Pelvis (Miquel A. Cos i Morera and David Ponce)
  • Training in Upper and Lower Extremity Myotensive and Manipulative Techniques (Miquel A. Cos i Morera and David Ponce)
  • Homeopathic Mesotherapy Training
  • Quantum Touch Level I Training
  • Master in Health Exercise at the University of Évora



  • Degree in Physiotherapy from the Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Coimbra;
  • CO in Osteopathy from the Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid;
  • Training in Pathophysiology of the Craniocervical Musculoskeletal System, Craniomandibular and Facial Pain (Mariano Rocabado);
  • Training in Applied Kinesiology (Luís Rivas);
  • Training in Differential Diagnosis through the Vegetative Nervous System (Luís Rivas);
  • Training in Diagnosis and Treatment of the Neuroendocrine and Immune System (Luís Rivas/Leonardo Sette Vieira)

“Talking about Ana Carla Favinha is describing a physiotherapist with great professionalism, persistence, motivation, strength and patience to help her patients recover and physically rehabilitate. Sometimes, this recovery is made of small conquests, but in the face of obstacles, Carla Favinha does not give up and continues with guidance and dedication, always encouraging for a fresh start. As my childhood friend, I can say that she is a being of unparalleled sympathy, loyalty and generosity.”

Cátia Luis

“Daniel seriously knows the mechanics of the human body, his knowledge and ability to assess issues and then apply suitable therapy seems so instinctive it’s fluid. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Daniel for his skills, abilities, and in depth knowledge, though he’s that good I kind of want to keep him to myself”

Paul Rhodes ACSi